# Prom Is On


Join the #glowupchallenge with mocktails and cupcakes, lashes, curls and of course…you will finally get to put on that gorgeous dress that you have been excited to wear all year long.

Prom 2020 – it’s finally here!

Spend time with your group of up to 6 besties in your own exclusive prom event in a luxurious room at the beautiful Hirst Priory for a fun-filled pampering session finished off with wearing your fabulous dress and being the star of the day at our specially arranged professional photoshoot!

So gather the group, the dress, and your PJs and join us for the special day that you have been waiting for.

Limited tickets are available for our first two dates of 28th & 30th October with more dates to be announced soon (pending Government restrictions).

Package price of £135 per person which includes mocktails, cupcakes, hair, make-up, nails, corsage, and an amazing memorable (socially distanced) photoshoot.

DM us on Facebook or Instagram to request your place with details of everyone in your group and we will then send you the link to book the date and time for your group (9.30 a.m. or 2 p.m.)

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