Finding a Wedding Dress To Compliment Your Figure

We're all different shapes and sizes, we all have different tastes and we all have different versions of what we're comfortable with wearing. But generally, most Brides want to feel like they look the best they've ever looked!

At Osh Gosh Gowns, we're an experienced boutique that's been serving the Brides of Lincolnshire for over a decade and helping Brides of all sorts of different shapes and sizes find their ideal wedding dress, so we know a thing or two about what shapes and designs of dress suit which body shape. In fact quite often, Brides come to us with pictures or an idea in mind for which dresses they like and which designer they want and pick a few dresses out when they arrive in the boutique, only to find that they end up choosing the wedding dress that we picked out for them to try on!

So let's take a look at some different dresses to suit various body shapes -

The Classic Hourglass Figure

An hourglass figure is one with bust and hips that are similar in size with a defined waist. Your shape will be complimented by a variety of wedding dress silhouettes! We recommend choosing a dress that will compliment your curves, rather than hiding them, such as a mermaid/fishtail

As a Morilee wedding dress stockist in Lincolnshire, we wanted to show you some examples of their gowns so that you can see for yourself some examples of your gowns which suit your beautiful Hourglass figure

The Apple Shaped Figure

If you have an apple shaped body, then this means you have a less defined waist, with a fuller bust and hips. Often, women of this shape, shop for different sized tops and trousers/skirts so they can find a combination that fits them perfectly.

We find that women of this shape who come into our Lincolnshire boutique, want a wedding dress that defines their waist as much as possible, whilst having a fuller skirt that balances out their figure. So we often recommend a ballgown or A-line skirt for this reason. Curvier Brides often feel more comfortable when avoiding a lower waist or Mermaid shaped gowns that draw attention to their waist so something like a sweetheart neckline and a tulle ballgown skirt would be ideal for this.

The Slim Silhouette

If you have a straight, slim body shape, have a less defined waist than an hourglass shape and with a balanced bust and hip, it is often known as a sporty body shape. So for our Brides who wish to enhance/give the illusion of curves, we often recommend a fuller skirt to give the illusion of fuller hips, or embellishment around the bust or neckline.

We have a range of stunning wedding dresses to suit your slim figure here at our Lincolnshire boutique.

A Bridal suit would also look amazing on you!

The Petit Bride

For the shorter Bride who wants to accentuate her curves, we usually recommend a wedding dress from our range that is fitted then flares towards the leg. This gives the illusion of an elongated waistline and taller appearance, whilst the flare of the skirt gives extra curve!

We also find that Sheath gowns compliment your natural curves without being too much for your figure.

If you want that princess ballgown look, then we'd recommend trying an a-line skirt from our range in our Lincolnshire boutique, as they give the look of a fuller skirt without being too big for a petit Bride.

We welcome all Brides of all shapes and sizes into our wedding dress boutique in Lincolnshire. We're based in Scunthorpe and can't wait to meet you to choose the dress of your dreams! Click to GET IN TOUCH or BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT

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