Finding a Bridesmaid Dress that Looks Good on Everyone!

It's tricky isn't it? You love all your girls dearly, but they all have different tastes, body shapes and preferences. Do you buy a Bridesmaid dress that suits all of them? Do you let them shop for their own dress? But then how will this all go with the colour scheme of your wedding? So much to think about isn't there?!

Well don't fret, we're here to help! We've compiled a handy guide to Bridesmaid dresses that suit the majority of body shapes and complemented it with some pictures of gowns that we stock in our Lincolnshire boutique.

It's also worth noting that Bridesmaids dresses can be altered. Let's say you've fallen in love with a dress but one of your maids is self conscious about her upper arms, then lets just have the seamstress add some cap sleeves! Perhaps one of your gals doesn't like to show off her legs? That's fine! lets just buy a longer dress but shorten it for the other maids who don't mind showing off their pins! Everyone is happy, including you.

So, lets have a look at 5 Bridesmaid dress styles that are flattering for all figures -

An Illusion Neckline

Flattering for many, but your larger busted maids will thank you for choosing this option so that they may wear a bra with nude straps underneath their dress. Particularly when it comes to dancing the night away at your reception!

Such as this one, Frankie by Tiffany's Bridesmaid, one of our favourite designers -

Navy blue Bridesmaids dress with illusion neckline. Available at Osh GOsh GOwns in Lincolnshire
Frankie by Tiffany's Bridesmaid

Short Sleeves

If your maids are self conscious about their arms, then short sleeves are usually a good option. You can have these added to a strapped dress if you like too!

A great example of this is style 3023 by Dessy, which we also stock in our Lincolnshire boutique. With its lace cap sleeves, it's delicately pretty but also helps cover the upper arm. After all, you want your girls to feel comfortable and confident on the day!

Blush lace Bridesmaid dress, 3023 by Dessy, available at OSh Gosh Gowns boutique in Lincolnshire
3023 by Dessy Bridesmaid

Knee High Slit

If you want to add a bit of pizazz to your Bridesmaid dresses and show a little leg, then having a knee high slit will help achieve that whilst also giving enough cover so that your maids don't feel self conscious.

We love Dessy 3043 for this. Not only does it have a sassy slit but also is covered in rose gold sequins! (it's got extra cover with the sleeves and neckline too!)

Available in our Lincolnshire boutique, 3043 by Dessy Bridesmaid is a beautiful rose gold sequin gown with a knee high slit
304 by Dessy Bridesmaid

Floaty Chiffon Skirts

Women of all sizes feel comfortable in a floaty chiffon skirt as they don't cling to the body yet still look beautifully feminine. They provide volume whilst still having a slimming effect.

Dessy Bridesmaids style #2989 is a perfect dress for this and we're so happy to stock them in our Lincolnshire boutique!

style 2989 by dessy bridesmaid has a beautiful chiffon skirt and if perfect for both slim and larger body shapes. Available at our Lincolnshire boutique
2989 by Dessy Bridesmaid

V Neck

These can be a little tricky as your larger busted Bridesmaids may not like to show too much cleavage or want a little more support but for others it may be too loose. The solution? A neckline with a higher V or a V shaped back!

Cindy and Paisley by Tiffany's Bridesmaid have beautiful V shaped front and back and are available in over 50 colours too!

Cindy by Tiffany's Bridesmaid has a beautiful V shaped back and comes in over 50 colours! We're proud to stock TIffany's Bridesmaid dress in our Lincolnshire boutique!
Cindy by Tiffany's Bridesmaid

Paisley is a beautiful v neck Bridesmaid dress by Tiffany's Bridemaid and is available in our Lincolnshire boutique at Osh Gosh Gowns in Scunthorpe!
Paisley by Tiffany's Bridesmaid

We are very experience in knowing what dress styles suit which body types and are more than happy to advise you when you come in to browse the vast selection at our Lincolnshire boutique. Just CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US or BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT

We look forward to meeting you!

Love, The Osh Gosh Team xx

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