About Us


It’s not about us, it's about you!

We love what we do, and we love helping you create special memories. We know how it important it can be to be able to have confidence in the quality of your outfit.

Take a quick look at why we think you'll not only look great, but have some fun in the process!

Personal Attention

We pride ourselves on making sure your feel special and get all the attention you need. So whether you're popping in on your own or with a family member or friend, we're all yours!


We want you to have a fabulous time preparing for your special occasion. So when you come and visit our shop, we'll make sure you relax and enjoy choosing your perfect outfit for your memorable occasion. No stress.


In the pursuit of beauty, you need an honest opinion to avoid those fashion faux pas. We want you to dazzle your onlookers, so if we think there's an odd tweak needed here and there, we'll be sure to give you some friendly advice.

High Quality

All of our dresses are fantastic quality. We don't do cheap imports, only beautifully made dresses from some of the best brands in the world. But that doesn't mean you have to bust the bank. We've dresses to suit every budget.

Avoid Disasters

When you shop with us we'll record the event your going to. Whether it’s a wedding, prom or evening event, we'll keep track of who's bought what and never sell the same dress to the someone going to the same event. No disasters here, thank you!

There's more to us than selling dresses. 

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